MONTREAL, (QUEBEC) September 9, 2020 – Cobra Anchors Co. Ltd, a privately held Quebec company of masonry and hollow wall anchors, headquartered in Montreal, announces a strong increase in sales of 20% since the beginning of the year.

Cobra anticipates continued growth in the coming months, confirmed by the order book, an expansion of its product line at a major retailer and the launch of a revolutionary product.

To support and maintain this growth and meet the needs of its customers, Cobra has invested in its Canadian facility $4.5 million over the last eight (8) months in injection molding machines, robotic assembly and packaging cells. Both manufacturing plants, located in Montreal, Canada and Temple, Pennsylvania, operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Shifts have been reviewed and adjusted to an 8- or 12-hour schedule, while maintaining and keeping in mind the health and safety of employees. 

In addition to the sustained rate of production, Cobra is working on redesigning its website and plans to put it online in early July. The browsing experience and product search will be optimized. The Internet user will have the choice between the North American or International portal, a locator of retailers selling Cobra products will also be added, the product selection will be larger and much more… 

As for its new product, the WallDriller PlusTM, an anchor 2x stronger than the previous version,the WallDrillerTM, its arrival on the shelves is scheduled in the fall of 2020. 

« I am proud of the work accomplished by the employees who have not hesitated to take up the challenge of supporting this extraordinary growth and I am confident that the investment we have made will enable Cobra to continue its growth while providing excellent customer service and offering quality products based on innovation », said Mr. Pierre R. McDuff, President and CEO of the company.


About Cobra

Founded in 1973, Cobra is one of the largest manufacturers of hollow-wall and masonry anchors in North America. Cobra employs 240 employees, has two state-of-the-art plants located in Montreal, Canada and Temple, Pennsylvania as well as a distribution center in Gonesse, France. Cobra serves more than 14 000 retail stores across the world.

Cobra has introduced more new patented and value added products than any other anchor manufacturer in North America; that's over 22 worldwide owned patented products!  Innovation is the key factor that makes Cobra the leader in its class. For more info about Cobra Anchors, please contact us at the following address: